Sunday, June 28, 2009

Imagination was given to us to compensate for what we are not; a sense of humor was given to us to console us for what we are.

- Mark McGinnis

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bring Out the Angel in You

Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.

- John Wesley

Monday, May 25, 2009

The man of conviction endowed with virtue, glory, & wealth: wherever he goes he is honored.

- Dhammapada, 21, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I believe in justice and truth, without which there would be no basis for human hope.

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surprise, Surprise.
Every single one of your votes in the polls have meant so much. They are great indicators of how people have changed values, incorporated other values and changed with the times.

Typically, when I first generated the poll I took a bet with myself of what I thought the outcome would be. I lost that bet. For example, when the poll asked what activity would revive or refresh you--you answered music/art, aerobic sports, meditation, cooking and romance equally! Nobody said "taking classes or dancing." What a surprise. Years ago everyone might have said 'romance," right off the bat. Then, I suspect as woman got more into yoga and Pilates--one would think aerobics and other highly-charged sports. The votes were all evenly balanced! 

Extraordinary people...

Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it.

—Robertson Davies.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Re: Poll on SUCCESS

Apparently the poll identifying the reason for success have enlarged the topic into a full-fledged debate. The scope of the question have now incorporated other aspects which should be considered:

Are the requirements for "SUCCESS" mostly attributable to:
  1. Genes
  2. Vision
  3. Opportunity
  4. Timing
  5. Luck
  6. Purpose
  7. Potential
  • It will be so interesting to find out what you think. If you have another factor to consider please write and tell me to include it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


"When you come to the end of your rope,
tie a knot and hang on."
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you."
Aldous Huxley

Monday, March 9, 2009

"People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most
 insignificant success is achieved."

Anne Sullivan -Educator of the deaf and blind.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Very Sweet Smell of SUCCESS

  • "I would be glad to worship success if I could find her." 
          (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Seventh Selection, New York (1990).) 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

From A Friend With Enlightenment...

There is a community of the spirit.
Join it and feel the delight
of walking in the noisy street
and being the noise.

Drink all your passion
and be a disgrace.

Close both eyes to see
with the other eye.

Open your hands,
if you want to be held.

Sit down in this circle.

Quit acting like a wolf, and feel
the shepherd's love filling you.

Be empty of worrying.
Think of who created thought!

Why do you stay in the prison
when the door is so wide open?

Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
Live in Silence.

Flow down and down in always
widening rings of being.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Humor Is the Best Medicine

Humor seems to be my secret weapon. Truth be told--for years I told (true) stories and levied one-liners that seem to have people guffawing, stamping their feet, wiping tears away. I have an Aunt who when she hears my voice--starts to laugh --before I say anything more than "hello." I love to hear people laugh.

I wanted to be a stand-up comic. Now maybe because of my wheelchair... I am actually a "sit-down one.

From Where I Sit

I envisioned my life as an asymmetrical yet curve-y road dotted with picturesque citings, unique in flavor and vision. That is, anyone's rite de passage until the day of my traumatic car accident. yes, i was preoccupied, yet, I clearly saw the road. I wasn't speeding, and I didn't have the top down. The weather was brisk but sunny. The day was the 16th of April 2007, A day when I was driving in my dream car when suddenly my tires swiped the curb on La Vista Road and swerved from the right lane to the left. There was another car headed my way whose driver panicked and hurriedly turned-off. I saw a person walking--looking ahead at eye level freak out as his gaze soared skyward. I saw familiar sites as I veered past. i witnessed as my car preceded to launch itself-- jettisoning as if it were a sort of missile heading for a house framed by two trees. It came to a crashing halt between two trees atop the hill just short of the house. I knew then that I was in the arm's of angels or God, for I had been spared by one who had lifted me and put me down on the hill right-side-up.
Since this brush with death, (and quite before it) I have sought a way to comfort the suffering, elevate peoples' spirits and it has come to me that is the path I have been meant to take to support spiritual growth, comfort and inspire people along the way.
This scenario has a purpose, to bring us together, and share our thoughts, me as a paraplegic with a vision of where this path can take us; perhaps you as a challenged person, either physically, or emotionally torn beset by life's twists and turns, wondering what or where to go next. This is a forum for us.

I encourage you to drop me a line and share your inspirational thoughts and experiences about life, the republic (though not too political please), memories, times with loved ones, treasured thoughts and insights.
Adieu and God bless.


We are all experiencing so many challenges in our lives right now, almost every aspect of our daily life feels akin to  a "high wire act."

Our spirit is tried in inimitable ways... managing of money or lack of it; transcending hardships in the job market, stalled/sluggish home sales, endless mortgage meltdowns, managing children and elders health and well-being. That it seems--- is merely scratching the surface. How is this all is impinging on our relationships and responsibilities day-to-day? 

Personally I have tried to nourish myself by tending to my own "spiritual garden." It is the center of everything...the very core essential to keep ourselves in balance. Whether it's aerobic exercise to offset stress, yoga to replenish the mind-body connection, cooking a favorite dish to eat with relish, or re-reading a favored book. Most importantly we need to keep saying those daily prayers of gratefulness for what we do have, encouraging and drawing abundance... which is on the way-- and spiritually unlimited.

We have got to pull-out all the stops to offset and compensate for all the energy deficits that daily strife is taking on us all. Don't hesitate, run out and see that movie you've wanted to see, snuggle-up on the couch armed with popcorn and see that classic movie you love, experience joy experimenting with paint, listening to music that feeds your soul, running with your children, on wheels or not.

Surround yourself with these or your very own self-made inspirations and immediately book these treats right into your calendar. Water your own "spiritual garden" one way every day and watch the beauty in your life bloom outstandingly.